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We're working with

Here's an overview of some of the people and their companies that has invested in our different projects. We have also listed a few of the companies we have been working closely together with.


Entrepreneur by heart. Digital marketing and awareness expert. Investor in Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and four-time bestselling New York Times-author.

Gary Vaynerchuk

Co-founder and/or investor in Yucaipa Companies, A-grade Investments and Inevitable Venture. Investmens include Whole Foods, Soho House, Airbnb, Soundcloud.

Ron Burkle

World-renowned electro house DJ as Steve Aoki. 

Steve Aoki

Co-founder of Life in Color - biggest nation-widec color festival across colleges in the US.

Paul Campbell

Youtube and Instagram superstar. +15M followers on both channels. Actor and new generation celebrity leveraging the social media.

Logan Paul

Co-founder of Nutramino, leading protein consumer brand in Scandinavia (acquired now). Partner in the Protein Kitchen.

Thomas Bendix


Heaps has partnered several times with Universal Music Group for new initiatives in the entertainment industry ranging from engagement and new album launches.

Universal Music

Heaps has been official partners with Roskilde Festival in 2015, 2016 and 2017 providing the official social app for the +130.000 festival goers.

Roskilde Festival

Heaps has partnered with Uber several times for integrating Heaps and Heaps Drinks with the transportation service. It has involved everything from co-creation of commercials and integration with each others services and apps.

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